You may experience hindrance the coming years on the Afsluitdijk. You can find a hindrance table on our homepage. Please find below more details and contact information.

Realtime traffic news
View real-time traffic news on Van A naar Beter. Do you have additional questions about the road work? Contact the Afsluitdijk service desk at loket@afsluitdijk.nl or call 0800-6040.

You are likely to experience delays due to the work on various parts of the dike. This means that not all driving lanes will be available at all times and the cycle path will be (partially) closed for three years. We will arrange shuttle bus services for slow traffic. The sluices will also alternatingly be closed for short periods of time, ships will have to take another route

Cycle path closed
Since 1 April, pedestrians, cyclists, moped riders and mobility scooters have been able to make use of a free bicycle bus service. This service operates daily from 8am. The last bus leaves at Den Oever at 7pm.

Closures in 2019

From 24 June to 1 December 2019:
cycle path between Den Oever and Kornwerderzand
• From North Holland: pedestrians, cyclists and moped riders can take the bicycle bus from Den Oever to Kornwerderzand. From there they can continue on their journey to Friesland under their own steam. The bus stops for pedestrians at the Monument and Breezanddijk. There is no link to the cycle path here.
• From Friesland: pedestrians, cyclists and moped riders can take the bicycle bus from Kornwerderzand to Den Oever. The bus stops at Breezanddijk and the Monument for pedestrians.

The Cycle path wíll be accessible on 4 sundays in 2019: 23 june, 21 july, 4 august and 18 august. (Openinghours 7.00- 19.00 h)