visualisatie vlietermonument Economy
Impression of the renovated Afsluitdijk. On the left you see the new cycle path with a cyclist. You will see the new Levvelblocks on the right side of the cyclist. Next to it is a cycle path and next to it the motorway. Safety
Drain and pump complex at Den Oever. You see grass and behind it the white drainage and pump complex. Watermanagement
Impression of the Fish Migration River. You see a drawn version of the Afsluitdijk. The Fish Migration River has been drawn in the Afsluitdijk. This is a meandering river, outlined with strips of soil. On the side of the Waddenzee you will see an estuary harbor. In this image, the green is also drawn near the dike. Nature
storn surge barriers at den Oever Watermanagement
Blue Energy
Work in progress
Blue Energy building. In the photo you see a grassy landscape. On the right is a blue building with a white banner. Further at the back you see a road with a gray pole above the road. Energy
Kornwerderzand aerial view Economy
Wind Park Fryslân
Work in progress
windpark-fryslan-animation Energy
Solar energy
Solar panels to generate energy. Behind it you see blue sky with clouds. Energy
Tidal Kites
tidal-kites-in-operation-on-sea Energy
We look out over the water of the Wadden Sea. In the middle of the photo we see the experience point at Den Oever. This is a yellow tower with two discs on top of each other. We are at the level of the first disk and look at the top disk. There are many people on the tower. Economy