Kornwerderzand aerial view
Kornwerderzand aerial view

Experience Kornwerderzand

Kornwerderzand is one of the most striking locations on the Afsluitdijk. The village has a rich history and is an important junction for road and water traffic. Several of the New Afsluitdijk's ambitions converge in this unique piece of the Netherlands. There is already plenty to experience. It will become even more interesting in the years to come.


With attractions such as the Afsluitdijk Wadden Center, the Kazemattenmuseum and soon the Fish Migration River (2024), Kornwerderzand can develop into an important tourist-recreational attraction on the Afsluitdijk. The location has been designated by the Wadden Sea provinces as an intensive development area for tourism. Moreover, it is an important gateway to both the Wadden area and the hinterland of North Holland and Friesland.


The main outlines of the plans for 'Experience Kornwerderzand' have been completed. Kornwerderzand residents, authorities and other interested parties are participating in the discussions to develop the plans further.
The aim of 'Experience Kornwerderzand' is to make the former artificial island and the places of interest easily accessible and experiential for all tourist and recreational target groups, young and old, including cultural and nature tourists. People with disabilities will also find it easier to reach the area.

The guiding principle of 'Experience Kornwerderzand' is to connect, strengthen and experience the existing attractions, such as the Fish Migration River, the Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre and the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea. Attractive routes, combined with appealing, digital storylines, will soon lead visitors from the Afsluitdijk Wadden Center through the area.


2021 - 2023
Elaboration of subprojects Experience Kornwerderzand together with the municipality of Súdwest Fryslân, residents of Kornwerderzand and other interested parties.
2024 - 2028
Implementation of subprojects