Design of the experience point at Den Oever. We look out over the water. On the land, on the right, is a kind of platform and a person is walking. There is a text sign on the platform and in the distance you can see the experience point. These are two yellow discs one above the other.
Design of the experience point at Den Oever. We look out over the water. On the land, on the right, is a kind of platform and a person is walking. There is a text sign on the platform and in the distance you can see the experience point. These are two yellow discs one above the other.


What can you do on the Afsluitdijk? Stop for one of the many attractions and activities! Or take the 2Discover online tour. Please note: Make sure to observe the applicable corona measures on the Afsluitdijk. We can only manage corona together. Check the website of the relevant party for the current opening hours and specific measures.

Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre

On the Afsluitdijk, near Kornwerderzand, you can find a striking building, like foam on the dyke: The Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre. This centre offers a complete experience related to the Waddenzee UNESCO World Heritage site, the unique Fish Migration River, the IJsselmeer Area, and, not to forget, the Afsluitdijk itself.
Check all other activities offered by the Afsluitdijk in the menu.


The Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre hosts an interactive experience exhibit.
Make your way through storms from the past to solutions of the modern day. Children can enjoy themselves at the games and drawing tables and with a unique search for Bobby Fish. Access to the exhibit is free.

Click here for more information about the opening hours of the Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre or send an email to
SKOM – food and drinks.

After visiting the exhibit, you can relax and enjoy food and drinks with a great view of the IJsselmeer in the SKOM restaurant.


For group reservations, you can send an email to the sales department of the Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre at

The Monument

The Monument is a watchtower where you can enjoy the view of the dyke, the IJsselmeer, and the Waddenzee UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Monument is located at the site where the Afsluitdijk was closed (between Breezanddijk and Den Oever). This tower was designed by the Dutch architect Willem Dudok and was built in 1933. This site is called De Vlieter, which is why it is also called the Vlieter Monument.
The statues of engineer Cornelis Lely and the stonelayer can be found on the side of the Waddenzee. You can also find a column with information about the history and creation of the Afsluitdijk.
You can enjoy food or drinks in the lunchroom and enjoy the view of the IJsselmeer. More information about the lunchroom can be found on the website of Lunchroom Het Monument.
We want to offer visitors more in the future. And we also want to improve the existing facilities.

Transformer station Windpark Fryslân

Come visit the transformer station of Windpark Fryslân near Breezanddijk, open to the public since October 2021.
On the virtual tour “Wie Wattt Stroom”, you can find out all there is to know about the windpark in Ijsselemeer.
Track the green energy from the wind turbine to the socket via the free virtual tour “Wie Watt Wind Energy”! Scan the QR code on the window on site with your phone and watch the video in which the device behind glass comes to life. The virtual tour introduces you to the Windpark Fryslân and makes the invisible visible.

You can discover how sustainably the building operates via your smartphone. The route traversed is fascinating for both general public and electro-technical professionals.
For more information about Windpark Fryslân, please visit

Kazemattenmuseum on the Afsluitdijk

You can find a series of casemates at Den Oever and Kornwerderzand. These are concrete bunkers hidden below a layer of soil. The defence fortifications were created to prevent enemies from quickly moving to the centre of the Netherlands across the dyke. The casemates museum in Kornwerderzand focuses on, among other things, life in these fortifications and the German attack in May 1940.
The renovated museum was opened at the end of May 2019. More information and the opening hours of the Casemates Museum can be found on the website.

Waddenzee Gate Den Oever - Vantage point

The Wadden experience site in Den Oever offers a view of the Waddenzee. You can look at the 't Schor nature reserve, the dam with the largest spoonbill colony of Europe (Vogelsandt), the former Wieringen island, the port of Den Oever, and the Afsluitdijk.
The eyecatcher is provided with informative panels which tell visitors everything about the fauna above and below water, about the Wadden area, and, naturally, about the unique birds residing in the area: as either a pitstop or permanent residence. In the summer, the largest spoonbill colony of Europe can be found on the Leidam, also called ‘the Banana’ because of its shape. Two telescopes have been installed on the upper landing for a far view. Click here for more information about Waddenzee Gate Den Oever.


There is a great kitesurfing spot on the Afsluitdijk near Kornwerderzand for both beginners and advanced surfers. You can stand here, provided you stay between the buffer zone and the yellow barrel. If you go farther onto the IJsselmeer, you must be able to save yourself in deep water.
The Kornwerderzand surf area is open from May 1 to October 1. This area has sufficient wind virtually year-round with an average wind speed of 16.4 knots.

The website of the Dutch Kitesurf Association contains more information about this surf spot and the applicable rules.
If you are not very experienced in kitesurfing, you can also visit a kitesurf school in Kornwerderzand


Hiking the Afsluitdijk is a unique experience with a wide view of the Wad! There are plans to create a hiking path on the dyke. The cycling and hiking path is closed because of the reinforcement of the dyke. Hikers are transported using a bus. The bike bus page contains more information about the bike bus.
You can hike in the Robbenoord Woods or the Dijksgat Woods at Den Oever. The Roddenoord Woods, along the edge of Wieringen, is a unique forest.
A hike to Hindeloopen along picturesque villages starts in Cornwerd. You pass mills, churches, shipyards, and an artisanal cheese-maker along the way. A number of the villages along the route have protected village skylines. A beautiful hike in the Frysian countryside of 20.2 km.
The Waddenzee Coastal Route starts in Zurich: a long-distance hike to Lindern in Germany (261 km).
The renovated Zuiderzee path opened in April 2017. This route now has a length of 492 kilometres, which makes it the longest hiking loop in the Netherlands.


The cycling path has been (partially) closed off during the work on the Afsluitdijk. We provide buses for cyclists and hikers. For more information about the departure times, visit the bike bus schedule.
An entirely new cycling and hiking path is being created. This path will be created along the Waddenzee UNESCO World Heritage Site to allow you to enjoy this beautiful area.
A lap of the IJsselmeer is a staple for cyclists. Many cyclists set themselves the goal of completing a lap of the IJsselmeer. The lap ranges from 250 to 300 km, depending on the route. We recommend you to prepare well for this challenge. Learn more about the IJsselmeer lap.

Mudflat Hiking

The Wad offers an unparalleled beautiful bit of nature, tranquillity, and freedom. You can go mudflat hiking at Den Oever. Enjoy the quiet, explore the sandbar, and explore the Wad soil with a rake, shovel, and sieve. Try to catch shrimp with a push net and use a ‘Wad detector’ to find hidden cockles just below the sand. Visit the Tourist Office to find more information and book a mudflat hiking trip.

Boat Trips

Regular boat trips by the Wadden Association depart from Harlingen during summer. The “From salt to fresh below sails” day trip, organised by the Waddenzee Association, follows the route of migratory fish from the Waddenzee UNESCO World Heritage Site to the IJsselmeer. Departing from Harlingen, you sail to the Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre at Kornwerderzand and learn everything about the unique nature below the water level and the unique Fish Migration River project. Enjoy the wind in the sails along the route and discover the unique feeling of sailing across the Waddenzee UNESCO World Heritage Site. More information about the boat trips is available at the Wadden Association.
You can join adventurous boat trips to seals and other aquatic animals from Den Oever. The boats take you to the most beautiful spots of the Waddenzee that cannot be seen from the coast. You will visit the Wieringer Grounds and learn everything about this unique area. The life above water can be seen from up close on deck: thousands of sea birds of all species and sizes. You can watch the seals on the sandbanks at low tide. Study the sea with binoculars, smell the salty sea air, and enjoy the sun and serene tranquillity.

Motor home sites

The motor home site and day recreation site along the Waddenzee at Kornwerderzand attracts the more adventurous holidaymakers. The ruggedness gives this area the charm appreciated by motor home owners. When the weather is nice, you can enjoy the view and enjoy activities like fishing or (kite) surfing. You can enjoy the tranquillity of the Wadden area at the motor home sites at Kornwerderzand from your own motor home. We have the ambition to renovate both the kitesurf beach and the camper sites.

Pay attention! The day recreation site (the so-called motor home sites) is closed from 1 February 2019 to 2023 from the creation of a worksite at Kornwerderzand. The jetty/loading and unloading quay will only be available to emergency services during this period. Vehicles will be towed from this area as of 1 February 2019.


The Afsluitdijk can be used as a means to explain many different topics to pupils and students. What is a dam? How do you generate electricity using fresh and saltwater? What is a fish migration river?
Unfortunately, the education page is currently only available in Dutch.

Work visits

Do you want to learn more about the many projects that are being carried out on and around the Afsluitdijk? You can apply for a work visit. Work visits usually take place at the Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre. For group reservations, you can contact Learn more about the Afsluitdijk Wadden Centre.

Other Activities

Be informed by local tourist offices in Fryslân and North Holland for more activities on and around the Afsluitdijk.

For activities in the region, click on the link of the cities/pages below:

Súd-West Fryslân