Cycle paths and footpaths across the Afsluitdijk

Work in progress
An extra cycle path and footpath will be constructed across the Afsluitdijk on the Wadden Sea side. This will enable cyclists and walkers to enjoy this beautiful area even more.


The existing cycle path, along the side of the IJsselmeer, has always been popular with cyclists and long-distance walkers and cyclists. The Afsluitdijk borders the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Wadden Sea. A beautiful nature reserve that, until now, could only be seen in a few places on the Afsluitdijk. To improve the experience of this area, the regional partnership De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk has decided to construct an extra cycle path and footpath along the Wadden Sea between the Friesian coast and Kornwerderzand and between Den Oever and the Monument. Construction consortium Levvel (BAM, Van Oord and Rebel) included a cycle path along the entire length of the Afsluitdijk in its offer. This will make the recreational cycling and walking connection between the Zurich, Kornwerderzand, Breezanddijk, the Monument and Den Oever junctions even more attractive.


The new cycle path - like the existing one - forms a complete connection between the provinces of North Holland and Friesland. It will soon be possible to cycle a route between a number of junctions, with alternating outward and return views of the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer. The new path on the Wadden Sea side is protected by the Afsluitdijk itself and is therefore expected to be much 'calmer' to cycle on. At the same time, wind from a certain direction can make the Afsluitdijk more challenging to negotiate by bike. At the junctions Breezanddijk, Kornwerderzand and Monument, you can switch between the cycle path on the IJsselmeer side and on the Wadden side. This makes the cycling trip even more varied. There will also be new lookout points at a few junctions. They offer a nice place to stop. Wind Farm Fryslân, the Fish Migration River and the Stevin lock complex can all be admired more easily.

Free bicycle bus due to closed cycle path during works

Safe cycling and walking on the Afsluitdijk is not possible during the work on the dam. The cycle bridges over the lock complexes at Den Oever and Kornwerderzand have been removed and, due to the limited space on the Afsluitdijk, the cycle paths are often needed by construction traffic. The cycle paths are therefore closed. This is why we offer moped riders, cyclists and walkers free transport across the Afsluitdijk with the bicycle bus. Mopeds, bikes and mobility scooters can be taken on the bus. The stops at Den Oever, the Monument, Breezanddijk and Kornwerderzand are easy to find thanks to the pink cycle signs. Visit the Bicycle bus page for more information, such as the exact location of the stops, the updated timetable and a special transport arrangement.


In the course of the first quarter of 2024, it will be possible to cycle in both directions between the lock complexes in Den Oever and Kornwerderzand over a length of approximately 24 kilometers. To pass the lock complexes, you still need to use the bicycle bus. Additional bus stops will be realised near the lock complexes for this purpose. Thanks to the regional collaboration initiative, "De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk", involving the provinces of Noord-Holland and Fryslân, and the municipalities of Hollands Kroon and Súdwest-Fryslan, the additional cycle and foot path along the Wadden Sea is being realised.