From 1 April 2019 there will be a free bus service for pedestrians, cyclists, moped riders and other slow traffic. Dudoks Monument, Breezanddijk and Kornwerderzand will remail accessible.

The busservice will run daily from 7.45 am. The last buss departs from Kornwerderzand at 18.45 o’clock. The bicycle bus stops every hour at the busstation in Den Oever, at the Monument, on Breezanddijk and Kornwerderzand and has room for 30 people and a maximum of 15 bycicles. The maximum sizes of vehicles are 0,80m wide bij 1,90m long.

Schedule as per 24 June 2019

Mind you: Travelling to the north, you can find the busstop at the Monument on the other side of the road. You can get there using the pedestrian bridge.

fietsbus afsluitdijk
De driver will help you load your bike.

Location of the bussstops.

An image of the Bicycle bus

Fietsbus Afsluitdijk

Loket Afsluitdijk

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Afsluitdijk service desk at or 0800 – 6040


Closures in 2019
From 24 June to 1 December 2019:  cycle path between Den Oever and Kornwerderzand
• From North Holland: pedestrians, cyclists and moped riders can take the bicycle bus from Den Oever to Kornwerderzand. From there they can continue on their journey to Friesland under their own steam. The bus stops for pedestrians at the Monument and Breezanddijk. There is no link to the cycle path here.
• From Friesland: pedestrians, cyclists and moped riders can take the bicycle bus from Kornwerderzand to Den Oever. The bus stops at Breezanddijk and the Monument for pedestrians.

Alternative transport for larger vehicles
Do you have a vehicle (moped car, velomobile, recumbent bike, etc.) which is too large for the bicycle bus? (>1,90m x 0,80m) We can arrange alternative transport upon request. Please submit a request at least two working days before your travel date via Loket Afsluitdijk ( or 31 (0) 800 6040 We will ask you for the following information:
• Type of vehicle,
• The number of passengers (and possibly pets),
• The contact person, an e-mail address, a telephone number
• The desired date and time of pick-up
• And the desired pick-up location:
o Den Oever: opposite the bus station Den Oever near the Robbenoordstraat
Loket Afsluitdijk will inform you as soon as possible.